Bangladesh Society of Geriatric Cardiology


Bangladesh Society of Geriatric Cardiology is formed for an organized way of focusing geriatric population of the country regarding cardiovascular problems.

Why it was necessary?
Thanks to the achievement of medical sciences, longevity of life has been much increased all over the world including Bangladesh. It is estimated that around 6-10% population are of geriatric age group (arbitrarily it is taken as >65 years). So, we feel that this group should be specially taken care of.In different countries, there are associations of the cardiologists/physicians for the geriatric population. Society of Geriatric Cardiology in USA is a very active organization which regularly organizes meetings, seminars and symposia throughout the year.

Cardiovascular problems in geriatric population:
It is well established that age is a risk factor of Ischaemic heart disease. Ischaemic heart disease is increased in ageing population. Also there is increased incidence of systolic hypertension, sclerotic aortic valve diseases, Cardiomyopathies, degenerative atrioventricular conduction disturbances. In addition, this group is also exposed co-morbid conditions such as chronic renal problems, respiratory problems (cor pulmonale), neurological problems and so on.